Secret Santas: Be Smug This Christmas And Get Your Holiday Gadgets Early!

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As unfathomable as it is to think about, other people really do celebrate Christmas differently. Weird, we know. For many in Europe, Christmas Eve is the big party with extravagant ten course family meals. In Portugal they have their traditional dish of Consoada (boiled codfish and cabbage) to be followed by over a week of [...]

Haunting Halloween Holiday Gadgets

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Mwahahaha! The time is upon us once again, ladies and gentlemen. That time between the brightness of summer and the merriment of Christmas when the pits of hell open and spew forth onto the evil and disturbing streets of Earth – or as some people call it, Halloween. Yes, it’s something that is quite intriguing [...]

Desktop Toys! Astronaut USB Light, Magnetic Fish & More!

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RED5-Blog-pic-for-Ashleigh -desktop-gadgets

  September is a funny month, isn’t it? As summer, very quickly, ebbed away we at RED5 haven’t known what to do with ourselves! All the fun in the sun has ceased and yet we are still ages away from all the autumn goodies such as bonfire night and Halloween. What to do! Well there [...]

The Coolest Big-Kid Toys Around

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 Birthdays and Christmas were the best times ever when you were little, you were handed hundreds of bright, sparkly boxes in which was held those toys you had been begging for ever since they first came out. The excitement of taking your new toys into school to show your friends was almost unbearable.

Summer Gadgets

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Summer Gadgets

Crikey, have you seen the weather out there? It’s flippin’ hot! And with the heatwave set to continue into the coming weeks, there’s never been a better time to get outside and enjoy the sun. We’re getting into the spirit of things over here (we’ve even worn shorts to the office) and we’ve decided to [...]