These Gadgets Defy The Doom of April Showers!

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With the horrendous amount of rain that we saw last month, and the overhanging threat of doom that is the April Showers, we are trying not to panic in RED5 headquarters. Although relatively safe at the top of Gadget Mountain, we are in fear for our lives! As a precautionary measure, we are preparing ourselves [...]

Be Spy Savvy For Easter Fun-Day

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As we are sure you know, Easter is coming up, which can only mean … Easter Egg Hunts. Now we are aware that not all of you will have been fully briefed for the challenge about to entail, but do not fear. At RED5 secret headquarters we are always ahead of this dangerous game and [...]

Valentines Day: Love Is, Quite Literally, In The Air

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  Now that we are fully into the month of love with the spirit of Saint Valentine all around, we bet you haven’t been able to stop yourself thinking of all the hundreds of different ways to show your special someone how much you care. This romantic holiday can be seen as the beginning of [...]

Can You Really Put Anything Up For Sale?

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  For many people, one of their favourite parts of Christmas is the sometimes ridiculous price discounts they can get in the New Year. January sales usually make the news with queues starting to form around 4am on Boxing Day for shops such as Next and Selfridges, which often lead to violent outbursts from angry [...]

We Wish You A Creepy Christmas, And A Scary New Year!

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RED5 - Blog pic for Ashleigh - Creepy Crimbo

We don’t know about you, but since our Halloween blog post we have been noticing quite a few creepy Christmas gifts lurking around as we have been preparing for the festive season. We can understand playing a nice little prank on someone this Christmas, or getting them a jokey present, in fact at RED5 we endorse [...]