Desktop Toys! Astronaut USB Light, Magnetic Fish & More!

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September is a funny month, isn’t it? As summer, very quickly, ebbed away we at RED5 haven’t known what to do with ourselves! All the fun in the sun has ceased and yet we are still ages away from all the autumn goodies such as bonfire night and Halloween. What to do! Well there is no need to fear, we still have some excellent treats to keep you entertained while you slave away at work.



Not a fan of Autumn? 

First, as it is not that cold, all these layers we keep putting on as we leave for work do not really complement our offices that have been slowly toasting in the early morning September sunshine. And as office heating systems kick into gear whilst we are trying to show off our new cosy knits, we have found ourselves getting a bit hot and bothered! This is where the LED fan clock has come in very handy! This breezy time teller has been greeting us with a refreshing breeze each stuffy morning this week in RED5 towers, while also telling us how much time we have to quickly grab a coffee before cracking on with our work!



If you’re feeling spaced out…

So, as we all know, our days are starting to get shorter and yet our work load just does not seem to stop! If long nights are ahead of you too, check out this little guy!

This astronaut USB light will be there to keep you company. With a flexible and poseable USB lead coming out of his backpack, you can place him wherever is best for you to shine some extra light on your desk, and at only 5cm high he will not be in your way at all. As he will be powered by your laptop or computer he will work as long as you do, just flip his visor down or unplug him when you want to turn him off!



Just tech it easy!

Don’t you hate it when you sit down ready to work and you have forgotten your ruler? Or screwdriver? Well fear not gadget lovers! We have found this marvellous Tech Tool Pen which combines not only a stylish ball point pen, but a ruler, two different screwdriver tips and a spirit level! Never will you be caught off guard again.

With its matt black finish, this lightweight multi-tool is easily disguised as, and works as, your average pen but can offer you up to 14cm of measurements, both in centimetres and inches, and both a flat head and Philips screwdriver. Plus with the green spirit level you can even check your handiwork once you are done!



Things will go swimmingly

Do you often find yourself stressing out at work? Well now you can turn your desk into a place of tranquillity with this work place friendly Fish Bowl! This remarkably familiar pair of underwater friends can keep you company all day long as they swim over their rock at your desk. It works by the magnetic field created by a magnet hidden in the artificial rock pulling the two fish round and round their bowl. You only need some distilled water and a splash of washing up liquid to keep these two happy, and, in turn, you have gained two friends for life!



So, although it may seem like the fun has gone forever now that summer has left and festival season is over, just hold on because there is so much left to keep you occupied! Keep checking our blog and Twitter for brilliant new gadgets that will entertain you as the cold creeps in.


Also, feel free to tell us about any other funny desk gadgets that we may have missed by leaving a comment below.



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