The Coolest Big-Kid Toys Around

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 Birthdays and Christmas were the best times ever when you were little, you were handed hundreds of bright, sparkly boxes in which was held those toys you had been begging for ever since they first came out. The excitement of taking your new toys into school to show your friends was almost unbearable.

Break times and lunch times were consumed with comparing and playing with the newest and best technological and genius ideas. Now that you are all grown up this doesn’t seem to happen anymore. But instead of getting annoyed that you cannot play with all these insanely cool things kids have nowadays, take a look at what fantastic (and sometimes useful!) gadgets are available to you today!

 Remember bubble tubes and lava lamps? Now you can get your music to look just as cool! These awesome water dancing speakers are a brilliant accompaniment to your computer or stereo station. They include four jets and multi-coloured LED lights which play along perfectly in time with the beat so they are wicked for parties or they just look nice on their own. They are available in white or black, so you can co-ordinate it with the colour of your computer or laptop, and the water in them is completely sealed so you don’t have to worry about any potential liquid damage. Connect them to the mains or through a USB and save yourself the hassle of having to charge them up!

 Now everyone must remember Ted[i], the 2012 hilarious comedy about a cuddly toy bear, who was in no way cuddly, or really even a toy[ii]. Here at RED5 headquarters we have been loving this real cuddly version. Squeeze the Ted plush you can enjoy some of his hysterical and appalling quotes such as ‘I look like something you give your kid when you tell them Grandma died’ and ‘That’s my bad. I was sending a tweet’. The most fantastic part of this toy is that it comes in three different sizes: 8, 16 and 24 inches. The 24 inch option is the actual life-size version! While the 16 inch features a moving mouth so that it feels like you are actually having a conversation (and cuddle) with Ted.


As an adult when there are far more fun things to think about than where you have left your personal belongings, or how much money you have left after buying all these brilliant gadgets. It is often handy to have a nifty little gizmo like this emergency keychain capsule to keep at least some money safe so you can get home (or eat). It is a hard, water-resistant keychain, big enough to keep a few rolled up notes in for emergencies. (Also available in a slightly different design if emergency red isn’t your thing) As mentioned in our previous blog, this little invention is incredibly useful for festivals or crowded places where you may not want to take your whole wallet. For some it is a way of preserving some cash so that you don’t end up completely broke!

We also cater to the more forgetful, if you constantly find yourself without a lighter, pen, bottle opener, or even screwdriver, we have these great ideas to help you out.

Fire Stash

Emergency Keychain Capsule

Key Tool

Invader Multi Tool

Let’s just hope you don’t forget your keys too!

And just for fun, a brilliant remote control quadcopter with LEDs lights which will have you furiously practising to master flying this fantastic gadget. With quad rotor technology, 6 axis stabilisation and funky LED lights, this is without a doubt the coolest remote control toy available on the market. It is even able to flip 360 degrees! It may be best to buy a spare battery so that you can charge one whilst using the other as this gives you ultimate flying time without waiting to re-charge. Even though it looks small and delicate, it is a masterpiece in remote control technology and requires the upmost concentration to fly well, but it will have you and those around you queuing up for your next go for sure.

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