Christmas Gift Guide: Stocking Fillers for the Kids under £10

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Christmas is one of the most exciting times of the year so make sure your kids end 2016 with one of the best christmas’ yet and fill their stocking with some of these amazing gadgets. Our Christmas Gift Guide: Stocking Fillers for the Kids under £10 features all our favourite stocking fillers for under £10 that are perfect gifts for kids.


Bright Bugz Evolution £9.99 

Illuminated lights that fly at your command. Pull them out your phone, your ear or anywhere and amaze your friends! The Bright Bugz Evolutions come in a variety of colours making them suitable for boys and girls.


Emoji Plush £7.99 

Snuggle up with your favourite Emoji Plush this Christmas for the best selfies around!


Desktop Drumset £5.99 

All the fun of a full size drum kit, just half the size and not as loud, the Desktop Drumset is an ideal way to get into music without annoying the neighbours.


Rubber Band Shooter £4.95

Simple and easy to use, the Rubber Band Shooter is the must have gift for annoying little brothers or playing cowboys.


Dolphin Moodlight Plug £7.97

Adding cuteness to bathtime is the Dolphin Moodlight Plug with a gentle blue glow which is sure to keep every calm and hopefully turn down the drama of the bedtime routine.


Star Wars Rogue One Bumper Pack £9.99 

Everything your little jedi will need for the new term in one handy set, the Star Wars Rogue One Bumper Pack is a must have buy for Star Wars fans.


Mystic 8 Ball £4.99 

Unleash the inner fortune teller in you and see what you can learn from the Mystic 8 Ball.


Mind Sword £9.99

Perform crazy tricks using only the power of your mind with the amazing Mind Sword.


Stikbot Single £4.99

Create endless stop motion animations at home with this little Stikbot then share them online.


Batman Egg Cup and Toast Cutter £7.99

Enjoy brekkie with Bruce and this officially licensed Batman Egg Cup and Toast Cutter Set.


Balloon Dog Light £4.99


Enjoy balloon animals without the creepy clowns with this adorable LED Balloon Dog Light. Squeeze his paw to turn the lights on plus there’s an optional auto shutdown mode.


Star Wars Doodles £9.99

Fulfil your colouring destiny with the Star Wars Doodles colouring book. The officially licensed design will keep the rebel alliance and the empire busy for hours.


RC Boat £7.99

Make bath time worth the wait with this multiple speed mini RC Boat. Drop it in the water and watch it go!


Aquabot Deco 2.0 £4.99

The Aquabot Deco 2.0′s are robotic fish which swim around without your control and feature cute designs as well as an inner pulsing glow. Like a real fish, without the hassle.


Unicorn Mood Light £9.99 

The adorable Unicorn Mood Light will add a little magic to any room its placed in, with multiple colour choices and a long lasting LED bulb.


Poop Plush £7.99

Show your love for one of the most popular emojis there is with the Poop Plushes! The only poops you want to cuddle!


Where’s the Wookiee £9.99

Travel through the Star Wars universe and see if you can find Chewie and his friends hidden in the masses with this Where’s The Wookiee book.


Snowimal £5.99

Create endless snowman creations with the super cute Snowimal. No matter how many times he melts you can always rebuild him.


If we haven’t yet tempted you to fill up your basket with the delicious goodies from this list then check out our gift finder page on to get gifts for all your family and friends.



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