Break Tradition with Our Unusual Gifts

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Unusual Gifts banner featuring Unicorn Soap on a Rope and Dictator Eraser

Here at RED5 we’re all about the weird and wonderful; in fact we have an entire shopping category dedicated to Weird and Quirky Gifts so you’ll know just where to look. Just for you we’ve selected a few of our favourites here…

Eraser Dictator £3.99

The Eraser Dictator perched a top a sketchbook

If you like to write or draw then you probably have an eraser (or rubber as we used to call them in school) but chances are it’s a boring rectangle or oval shape. Why not change it up with the super cool Eraser Dictator, guaranteeing a giggle every time your colouring escapes the lines and you get to erase it with his tiny head, elbow or butt.

Mini Zombie Gnomes £12.99

The Mini Zombie Gnomes lurk menacingly in a dark alleyway

It’s a while ‘til Halloween but we reckon the horrifying Mini Zombie Gnomes deserve a place by your pond (or on your windowsill) all year round. They’ll make short work of any boring gnormal gnomes you happen to have and do a great job of scaring away intruders with their terrifying features and glowing eyes. Just don’t blame us if they start a reign of terror in your garden.

Monkey Lights from £29.99

Monkey Lights spin entrancingly on a bicycle wheel

Those of us who cycle here in the office (and some of us who don’t) have been blown away by the incredible Monkey Lights. Throw away those boring reflectors you got in a box of Cornflakes in 1989 and jazz up your wheels with all singing, all dancing multicolour patterned lights! Not only will you look super cool you’ll also be safer too.

Unicorn Soap on a Rope £9.99

Stuart the Unicorn Soap on a Rope relaxes in some nice bubbles

Normal soap is all very good, it’ll get you clean but let’s be honest, it’s not much fun. We reckon the best way to brighten up bath time is with a beautiful mythical beast, and what better than the magnificent Stuart the Unicorn Soap on a Rope? He’s pink, he smells like candyfloss and he even has a handy rope to dangle him from the taps when he’s not in use.

Gigantic Pizza Float £29.99

A young man relaxes on the Gigantic Pizza Float, topping up his suntan

There’s nothing worse than bobbing round in the pool in the midst of a sea of identical floats. What you need is something a little bit different – something like the awesome Gigantic Pizza Pool Float. Not only is it extremely cool, it’s slice shape makes it super comfy to relax on too. And if for whatever reason pizza doesn’t float your, er, float, then we can also offer you a wide range of other pool floats including a Gigantic Unicorn, Flamingo, Lobster and Donut.

Hoverboards from £299.00

A gentleman cruises offroad on his Hoverboard

And finally, with summer just around the corner (we hope!) you’re going to need a cool and unusual way of getting around, right? Could we take the liberty of suggesting a hoverboard? We know, they don’t actually hover, but they’re still awesome fun. Check out what we thought about the wicked Razor Hovertrax 2.0 if you need any convincing!



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